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A long overdue but generally informative update from your favourite paving website

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Well, if you have all been just half as busy as me over the summer, you must be abso-bloody-lutely knackered, but grateful for the work after a few indifferent years. And it's that busy-ness which is the reason for the long delay since the previous newsletter. So, what's on the menu this time?

New content:

As many of you will know, most new content is generated in the short dark days of winter when it's not fit outside for man nor beast, so not much has appeared over the summer, but there is quite a lot in development, including quite a few new videos with what one subscriber refers to as the 'usual pavingexpert porn music' in the background.
However, two new pages that are worth looking at....


Cement-based Overlays

Polymer modified cement-based overlays – thin screeds of incredible strength that can be laid over a new or existing concrete base to create genuinely stunning decorative finishes in a wide range of colours and textures.
This is an under-used technique in Britain and Ireland, but it's HUGE in the States and there is phenomenal potential just waiting to be tapped by someone with an entrepreneurial attitude. If you're looking for a new surfacing option to offer your clients, this has to be worth a look.

 Take a look at the new page

Gabions and Mattresses

I've been a huge supporter of gabions (not that they actually need any support) for over 30 years and it's great to see them being used ever-more widely, so I decided to expand on the basic coverage they'd been given on the website previously. The new page includes their cousins, the mattresses, which are most commonly used for river bed protection, and there's lots and lots of example photies including plenty of decorative, artistic installations.

 Have a gander


  Installation Partners required for   revolutionary paving system    

FilterPave is an environmentally friendly porous paving system made from 100% UK post consumer recycled glass that is bound together with a technologically advanced multi-component elastic resin from Soiltec Germany in association with BASF - The Chemical Company.

FilterPave is extremely porous with a high level of sustainable void space that makes a big contribution to sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), in essence it rapidly filters storm water run off from roofs and other surfaces directly back to the water table, thus reducing the pressure on the local drainage system and the risk of flooding. It also captures oil residue and hydrocarbons increasing the quality of the water reaching the water table.

FilterPave is mixed like you would resin bound aggregate, poured into place and finished off. There is no need for multiple time consuming layers it is one layer directly onto a sub base. There are 6 standard colours to choose from at present but we can also produce a colour to specification.

It can be used for both domestic and commercial projects.

Ian Donley  |  |  Tel: 01642 678 201  |  Mobile: 07939 064 918


Fancy a bargain?

Here's a special offer that's landed on my desk. A well-known and well-respected aggregates supplier has linked up with a major European supplier to provide a weed-resistant jointing sand.
This is not some crappy sand that's been doused with a bucket of cheap weedkiller. It is a genuine quality product where the sand is treated to raise its pH value to the point where it is seriously deleterious to weeds, grasses, mosses and all the other greenery that does like to invade block paving.
Now, due to an alleged 'technical error' (which I reckon means the Germans couldn't understand the Irish accent and vice-versa) the 25kg bags have been incorrectly labelled as 20kg, and in the interests of consumer protection, they are not, apparently, able to retail bags of kiln-dried sand which actually contain 5kg more than is stated on the bags.

However, if a paving contractor or freelance supplier was genuinely unconcerned about having 5kg of free sand foisted upon them, then they could, perhaps, offer to buy the mislabelled bags for their own use. And the be-sanded owner would be delighted to be rid of the stock they can't sell through the usual routes.
For obvious reasons, they are not going to sell individual bags. If you'd like to acquire some of this overweight sand, you have to buy by the pallet, so that the stockist can also bye-bye the pallets.
40 bags per pallet, with 25kg per bag (despite what it says on the packaging!) makes each pallet weigh in at exactly 1 tonne, roughly enough to joint 400-500m² of typical block paving, and you can have a pallet for just 130 notes (plus the VAT, natch!), which equates to 3.25 quid per bag, far less than you are paying at your local Builder's Merchant. When they get the packaging right, this stuff sells for 6 quid a bag, so it's a real bargain!
Here's your chance to get yer mitts on a premium anti-weed jointing sand that you can up-sell to your clients. It's superior to conventional KDS, and you can supply it to your very special clients for no more than they would be paying for normal sand. Everyone's a winner!
The stock is located in a container in a haulage yard just 5 mins from a motorway junction in north-west England. If you're interested, give me a shout and I'll put you in direct contact with the owner.


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