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DVD of website
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Information on how to obtain a copy of this invaluable website on DVD for offline use.


Many visitors to this site have asked if we have a 'hard copy' version that they can take out on site or peruse at their leisure without having to be online. While it's not yet been possible to arrange a book version of the site (although there is a book that accompanies the site), we are now able to offer a DVD version of the site to those readers looking to own their own copy.
The DVDs are 'burned to order' and so they are guaranteed to contain the very latest version of the site, including all the calculators, spreadsheets, cad files, along with each and every information-packed page, complete with the original illustrations, animations and photographs, all ready to run in your favourite browser, when offline!

A great resource for site workers, for students, for diy'ers and just about anyone who has an interest in the paving and hard-landscaping business.

DVD of website
Please note that the discs are licensed only for personal use. Educational and training organisations, along with commercial bodies looking to use the content of the website and/or disc have a different licensing arrangment. Use the form below to request further information.
cdrom open Use the form below to contact us and receive fuller details of how to obtain your own copy of this invaluable resource. Special discounts for students and educational establishments.

DVD Request Form

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Please send me fuller details on how I can obtain my own copy of the Pavingexpert DVD


Please allow 3 working days for your request to be answered. If you don't receive a reply within that time, it's most likely because the email address you supplied is invalid - please try again and check that your email address is correct.
Problem?? If the form above is not co-operating (I've been told it's summat to do with certain types of personal firewalls) then use this as a last resort.


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