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faq What are the rules for paving front gardens?

Email Issues

faq Emails: getting answers, comment and opinion


faq Sealants: can you recommend one for my paving?
faq Sealants: What can be done when it's gone wrong?
faq Sealants: Fixing Slippery Sealants

Choosing Paving

faq Which supplier should I use to buy my paving?
faq Which paving is best?
faq What's This Paving?


faq Efflorescence: what's that white stuff on my paving?
faq What are these black/white spots on my patio flags?
faq What are these circular marks on my patio flags?
faq How to fix acid and rust stains?

Construction Issues

faq How can loose or wobbly flagstones be fixed?
faq Can work carry on in this weather?
faq Do I really need a membrane under my paving?
faq Establishing Screed Depth
faq Can I lay paving over an existing surface?
faq Can I lay gravel or shingle over an existing surface?
faq Can I lay stone flags upside down?
faq How do I cope with fall when paving around a corner?
faq Can permeable mortars be used to joint paving laid on impermeable bedding?


faq Do I really need a Sub-base?
faq Is a concrete sub-base better?
faq Can I use old housebricks/rubble as a sub-base?
faq Sub-base over shallow bedrock?


faq Why is my tarmacadam still soft and sticky?
faq Can fuel-damaged tarmacadam be repaired?


faq How can I free my jammed recess tray?
faq What's the best concrete mix for manufacturing paving?