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faq What are the rules for paving front gardens?

Email Issues

faq Emails: getting answers, comment and opinion


faq Sealants: can you recommend one for my paving?
faq Sealants: What can be done when it's gone wrong?

Choosing Paving

faq Which supplier should I use to buy my paving?
faq Which paving is best?
faq What's This Paving?


faq Efflorescence: what's that white stuff on my paving?
faq What are these black/white spots on my patio flags?
faq What are these circular marks on my patio flags?

Construction Issues

faq Can work carry on in this weather?
faq Do I really need a membrane under my paving?
faq Establishing Screed Depth
faq Can I lay paving over an existing surface?
faq Can I lay gravel or shingle over an existing surface?
faq Can I lay stone flags upside down?
faq How do I cope with fall when paving around a corner?


faq Do I really need a Sub-base?
faq Is a concrete sub-base better?
faq Can I use old housebricks/rubble as a sub-base?
faq Sub-base over shallow bedrock?


faq Why is my tarmacadam still soft and sticky?
faq Can fuel-damaged tarmacadam be repaired?


faq How can I free my jammed recess tray?
faq What's the best concrete mix for manufacturing paving?