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Interlay - the sign of a quality contractor

One of the most frequently asked questions on this website regards contractor competence and integrity. Clients seek re-assurance that their contractor has the requisite skills, qualifications and insurances to undertake the work in hand, whether it's a patio or a commercial freight yard, and similarly, the better, more professional contractors need some way of proving their credentials to potential clients.

What's needed is an independent, creditable trade association.

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And that's just what Interlay is: an independent trade association for the pavement construction industry. A trade association that is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the highest professional standards while providing contractors with a "Seal of Approval" and offering the clients the reassurance that their selected contractor is a skilled tradesperson working to the highest standards of construction and an exceptional level of integrity.
However, Interlay is more than just a list of reputable contractors: it is a source of information on best practice for both contractors and clients, and it provides an authoritative voice for the contractor that is listened to by manufacturers, developers, academics and government.

So, when you see the distinctive Interlay logo, you can be assured that the contractor is one of the elite – it's your signpost to quality.

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