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This page considers the benefits available to clients by using a contractor that is a member of the Interlay trade association. Information for contractors can be found on a separate page.

Why choose an Interlay Contractor?

list item Interlay is the ONLY nationally recognised and truly independent trade association for paving contractors.
list item Interlay is not tied to any one manufacturer nor is it a shallow marketing exercise set-up as a money-making exercise with nebulous aims to provide a veneer of respectability.
list item Interlay accreditation is the only contractor approval scheme that focuses exclusively on their laying skills regardless of the materials or manufacturers being used.
list item Interlay members are drawn from all sectors of the pavement construction trade – driveway and patio specialists, commercial and highway contractors, and machine-lay professionals. You can be sure that your contractor has the right set of skills for your project.
list item All Interlay members are required to have a minimum of two years problem-free experience within the paving trade. All members are encouraged to participate in approved training and skill-improvement courses to ensure their methods are current and compliant.
list item On residential projects, Interlay members are required by the Code of Practice to provide written quotations and full written documentation for each and every project, from site survey right through to final payment and guarantee. Quotations are provided on headed notepaper, with each aspect of the work clearly defined and quantified. Terms and conditions are plainly stated, and guarantees are insurance-backed, giving the client peace–of-mind cover, even if the contractor has to cease trading for whatever reason.
list item Interlay is an association of professional contractors that want the world to know they are true craftsmen; that they are proud to work to the highest standards; that they are up-to-date with the latest developments and practices; and that, for them, paving is a vocation and not just another job.



Interlay contractors are thoroughly vetted. Their work is inspected and assessed by independent, experienced paving professionals; their insurances and business practices are checked; their references are followed-up to ensure that every member of the association is truly worthy of inclusion in what is the premier league of paving contractors.

Those that fail to measure-up have their money returned along with recommendations on how to improve their working practices. Any organisation is only as good as its weakest link: Interlay prefers to reject the weak links rather than risk the reputation of the wider association.

Those that are accepted as new members are expected to maintain the high standards of the association by continually pursuing improvement, and by putting their operatives through approved training courses.

poor block cutting
Don't settle for rubbish!

This sort of work would never be tolerated by an Interlay member.

Would you want your contractor to be part of an organisation where the only question asked was "Have you got the membership fee?"

Public listing prevents false claims of membership

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Sadly, some of the less scrupulous parasites of the paving trade are aware that there is no higher accolade than membership of Interlay, and so they dishonestly confer membership upon themselves without undergoing any of the checks or vetting that honest contractors must go through.
Contact details for all genuine members are published on the Interlay website and the list is maintained to ensure it is as up-to-date as possible. Should your contractor claim to be a member, or should they have the Interlay logo on their stationery or vehicles, you can check them out online in seconds.

Further, those rogues and miscreants that have been caught out misrepresenting themselves are named and shamed – so you can not only check out who to employ; you can also check out who to avoid!

interlay website

The Interlay Code of Practice and complaint procedure

All Interlay members are required to work to the standards laid down in the association's Code of Practice. This requires work to be carried out in a professional and workmanlike manner, following the very latest standards and techniques to ensure your paving is properly laid.

However, no-one is perfect, and mistakes do occur, even with the very best of contractors. Luckily, Interlay contractors are much less prone to cock-ups than other paving gangs, but if an error does occur, however unlikely that may seem, they are encouraged to seek resolution at the earliest instance. For the more intractable problems, Interlay operates a strict, formal complaints procedure that's backed-up by a solid disciplinary policy that is designed to promote a speedy and equable resolution for both client and contractor.

Most clients will only have one significant paving installation at their home. For them, that driveway or patio is a major event in their year and so Interlay members aim to make that event as pleasant and pain-free as possible.

Interlay – building passion into your paving.

Further information:

You can find out much more about Interlay, how it aims to create a professional ethos within the paving trade, and how it seeks to ensure clients always receive the quality paving work they deserve, by accessing the Interlay website. You can also find a local Interlay contractor, check out membership claims, and report those rogues that are falsely claiming to be members.

Alternatively, feel free to call or email...

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phone 0116 222 9840

fax 0116 251 4568


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