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New packs for Terram

Terram, probably the most well-known name in the world of geo-synthetics and geo-membranes, have launched two "Handy Pack" sizes of their ever-popular Terram 900 fabric which should be of interest to paving contractors, general builders and DIYers alike. Terram
The new packs will be sold under the BuildA Brand, and are aimed at the users who don't need the full 450m² roll (4.5m x 100m) but need a good bit more than the 11m² Patio Partner packs aimed at the DIYers and gardeners. The new BuildA packs contain rolls measuring 2.25m x 25m (56.25m²) and 2.25m x 50m (112.5m²).

The product is made of 115g/m² Terram 900 in the standard light-grey colour (the Patio Partner is a sort of browny shade) and will be stocked by Sheffield Insulations and Greenham Trading as well as the better Civils and Builders' Merchants. Terram's spokesman, Steve Hancock told me,

"We don't issue guide prices, we leave it to the stockists to set the price level, as it depends on quantity and delivery, etc., but we know the new pack sizes will prove to be a popular item with contractors."

He's right - has anyone ever tried counting the number of potential uses for the Terram membranes? It seems that a new use comes to light almost every day. No Contractor's van should be without a roll!

Stockist information, and requests for technical info should be directed to the hotline number - 01495 767444

Publicity Flyer from Terram

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Terram Geo-synthetics

Tel: 01495 757722

Fax: 01495 762383


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