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Re-vamped website from Terram

Terram, the leading supplier of geotextiles to the construction industry, has recently had the decorators in and the all new Terram website is now open for business. As well as offering an invaluable source of information on the various types of geotextiles in the Terram range, the website now offers a simple-to-use online ordering facility for contractors, builders, landscapers, DIYers, and anyone else in need of a decent bit of geotex.
Most contractors will be aware of the invaluable BuildA product, that is also available in a convenient 56.25m² pack. It has dozens of uses, not least of which is as a superb separation membrane for pavement projects. At the time of writing, the new website is selling these packs at just £22.99 (plus VAT) and the product can be delivered throughout Britain and Ireland, as well as various mainland European countries.
terram products
And as if a new-look website isn't enough, Terram have recently launched a new range of Tree Root Protection Products that are bound to relieve a few headaches on sites up and down the country.

As many contractors are all-too-aware, protecting tree roots has become a big issue in the provision of paved surfaces, so anything that can make the job simpler, quicker and cheaper has got to be worth a look, so the lovely people at Terram have provided the following PDF that will give you a taster of the possibilities.

If you want to know more, or want to speak to one of the ever-helpful Terramites, visit their website or call the helpline on +44 (0)1495 767444

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Terram Cellular System for Protection of Tree Roots

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